Die Grünen Berlin. Wahlkampagne 2021.

2021 was a „super election year“ in Germany. In addition to the federal election, there was also the election for the Berlin House of Representatives. This election was a decisive election, about how we will live in the future. Whether the climate crisis can be overcome and Berlin remains a city worth living in for our children. Our answer: Sure it works! Because the Greens have the right solutions to today's problems. They know that anything is possible in Berlin, when it comes to climate protection, urban redevelopment and housing policy. That's why we declared Berlin the capital of opportunities. And make “Sure it works” the motto of our election campaign. With 18.9%, the Greens became the second strongest party, just behind the SPD. Bettina Jarasch will help shape the future of the city as the second mayor in the government.